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Supermarket Chains

At Techpole we offer mounting solutions for POS applications to enhance customer experience and improve ergonomics at the checkouts and tills.
Currently, the checkouts and tills are constantly changing in order to save space and improve customer interaction. 
Our ergonomic mounting solutions integrate, and protect your technology at the point of sale: Screens, monitors, e-POS, keyboards, scanners, printers and tablets.
We also manufacture customized flip top cash drawers with standard and special measurements.

Rectangular base for POS mounting solutions.See more

Rectangular base for POS mounting solutions.

Rectangular base to place POS solutions, the solution pole is installed on the base plate with 4 screws, the base is black and has rubber pads to place the base on the chosen surface.
Base plate for POS solutionSee more

Base plate for POS solution

Base plate to place the pole of the Techpole solution, the solutions' pole is placed and installed by 4 screws in the base plate, the holes are already made to facilitate the installation. The base plate is grey in colour and has rubbers pads to place the base on any surface.
Floor stand with automatic gel dispenser.See more

Floor stand with automatic gel dispenser.

Floor stand with an automatic gel dispenser. The stand is 1000 mm height and has a diameter of 45 mm, the base is 400 x 400 mm, 5 mm thick and 7 kg of weight, the base provides stability to the mount.
Payment terminal universal holderSee more

Payment terminal universal holder

The universal payment terminal  holder is compatible with almost every pin pad on the market thanks to its 4 adjustable grips. For example, the holder is compatible to the following brands: Ingenico, Verifone, Pax, Castle, Spire, Yarus, Hypercom, Atos.
 Verifone P400 payment terminal holder with security system.See more

Verifone P400 payment terminal holder with security system.

Payment terminal holder for the Verifone P400 device with a security system which works with screws on the back of the plate. The holder is normally placed on a pole, we offer different pole heights 120/200/300/350 mm. In addition,  we offer wall mounts.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 security tablet stand.See more

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 security tablet stand.

Security stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet (10.4") with protective frame and key lock.  The device can swivel 330° and tilt 180°. The stand has a slot for cable protection.
Security tablet holder for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.See more

Security tablet holder for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

Security stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tablet, the stand allows the tablet to tilt 180 degrees and swivel 330 degrees. The stand has a protective frame and key lock. Ready to be bolted to wall, counter or floor and made of steel.
Verifone VX820 security mount.See more

Verifone VX820 security mount.

New security system mount for the Verifone VX820 payment terminal. The product is manufactured in the European Union from high quality steel.
Verifone V240m standSee more

Verifone V240m stand

Payment terminal stand for the Verifone V240m with handle for easy use of the device, also includes two slots in the pole to pass the wiring inside to protect the pin pad.
Miura M020  desktop cradle mount.See more

Miura M020 desktop cradle mount.

The Miura M020 device is a portable terminal that allows payment transactions to be carried out wherever the customer prefers. The Techpole cradle is specifically designed to house the Miura cradle, where the device can be charged.
Verifone VX680 pinpad Stand See more

Verifone VX680 pinpad Stand

Verifone VX680 pinpad Stand 
Desktop and wall mounting solution
Different poles heights
Swivel and tilt stands